Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cute Cat Paw Marshmallow

I see this adorable cute cat paw marshmallow instruction online.  The marshmallow itself is cute and you can use it with your coffee or hot chocolate.

A. Corn starch
B. Gelatine 2 pieces
C. Egg white 54g, caster sugar 20g, lemon juice 3-4 drops
D. Caster sugar 74g, maltose syrups 94g, water 42g

How to make:
1. Spread corn starch evenly accross the baking tray
2. Use the round side of an egg to make dents
3. Soften the gelatine with ice water for later use
4. Mix Ingredients C together until hard peak for later use
5. Boil Ingredients D with low flame until it reaches 244F
6. Put the sufficiently soaked gelatine into the heated syrup (step 5), mix well.  Add the egg white, whip the egg white with medium-high intensity, then use medium intensity until temperture cools down to 113F
7. Color 1/5 of the egg cream in pink, fill each color into a plasitic bag
8. Gently squeeze bag to create cat paws, cover with corn starch.


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  1. I made some of these the other day the recipe was great and they came out wonderful thank you for posting it! their super Kawaii!!!


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