Sunday, October 17, 2010


While looking for good and tasty stuff, I also like trying weird stuff~

When I saw the menu of Kittichai, I wanted to give it a try :D

This restaurant had a very nice little pond in the center of the place. Too bad the dark (or romantic, your call) environment was hard to take a picture of :(

So here we go with the first dish.

It was the Coconut and galangal soup with chicken & straw mushrooms. What's more interesting than the soup itself was the paper container! Yes, it's paper holding the soup put on top of the fire stove. Somehow the soup (water) and fire together kept the paper safe, as soon as we finish the soup, the paper burnt. Ha!

Then it was the Chocolate baby back ribs with Thai spices. Chocolate with ribs?! I like the idea, yet the chocolate kinda lost it's flavor in the dish. Still interesting!

This was the entree Pineapple-braised short ribs in green curry. Terrific short ribs and not spicy at all! I liked the special flavor given by the green curry.

And the Thai omelette, lump crab meat with sriracha sauce. Too bad I didn't taste any crab meat. :(

Thai coffee, Thai tea & vanilla ice cream with palm seed & coconut jelly. Like their ice cream a lot!

While dinning there, I saw many dishes with interesting presentation, I tried recording what was on the menus so I could try them next time (maybe! XD )

Kittichai (map)
60 Thompson St
New York, NY 10012

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