Sunday, February 6, 2011


Priorities always catching up my schedule, before I notice, January is gone!?

I went back to Jojo for another delicious meal.

The complementary dish - some soup with truffle float.. I didn't quite get what soup it is, taste smooth yet little plain.

The Shrimp salad, dusted in orange powder, artichokes, arugula. Didn't realize it's a salad when ordering, the shrimp was warm and good.

The Peekytoe Crabmeat with mango and cumin crackers. The dish was fine, but the cracker was so easily crack that it couldn't really hold the crabmeat, made it a little hard to eat :( I still like the crabmeat with mango tho!

The Cod, roasted with marinated vegetables in an aromatic tomato sauce. I guess roasted cod is little dry in general.

Compare to the cod, the Veal was really juicy, with carrot and sweet onion compote, parmesan jus.

The Passion Pavlova with whipped cream, passion fruit ice cream and passion seeds. This could be my favorite dessert! The crispy shelf was sweet and crunch, with the sweet and sour passion fruit, love it~

Apple Pain Perdu (hmmm...), vanilla sauce, butterscotch, green apple sorbet

Last but not least, finish the meal with the green tea and chocolate cake, with waffle layer to create the crunchiness ( ≧▽≦)♥

Jojo (map)
160 E 64th St # 1
New York, NY 10065

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