Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sea Grill

The past week I went to Sea Grill, the restaurant next to the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink. As we seated next to the big window, we could enjoy the people outside skating and our food. XD

The complimentary dish was a little fishy, the paste beneath it went well with the fish.

The House-Cured Smoked Salmon with avocado and cilantro chive vinaigrette, tasted simply yet fresh.

The Sweet Potato Bisque, and lobster-coconut royale. The soup was not creamy in texture, yet sweet and delicious.

The Middle course of Sea Grill's Signature Crab Cake, when was the last time you had a crab cake with crab more than cake?! Look at this!

The Wild Ocean Striped Bass, wasn't all that surprising... The mussel was good.

The Rigatoni Pasta Bolognese - with lamb, wild mushrooms and sheep's milk ricotta cheese. The portion was generous, and the lamb was tasty.

Here came the dessert, the caramelized apple tart with almond paste.

The Chocolate Pot de Creme and the chocolate pearls on top was so good~

Sea Grill (map)
19 West 49th Street
New York, NY 10020
(212) 332-7610

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